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How the Legion Serves…

During the week of the blizzard that hit the Midwest recently, specifically in Chicago, the Chicago Public Schools closed their schools for the first time in over a decade.  I was compelled to bring into perspective this huge occurrence and how many of our children are affected.  I again, went to Facebook and shared, Chicago public schools have not closed down in over a decade…let us put this in perspective…Do you know, when students don’t go to school they maybe in an unsafe environment, cold and hungry when there are school closings? Say a prayer that our future generations in all the areas where schools are shut down are out of harm’s way and have food to eat…” Continue reading


Inspired to Serve

With recent articles in the media about students not learning and not being prepared for college we have to address this huge concern.  In a recent blog post, I discussed; Does Economic Status Matter When Raising Children?

A Headline article on Yahoo January 19, 2011, shared, “Student tracking finds limited learning in college.” I turned to Facebook to open a dialogue about this frightening article. I asked, “How do you feel about this article?” Article shares, “2300 undergrad students found 45% of students show no significant improvement in key measures of critical thinking, complex reasoning and writing by end of sophomore years.”

Michaelene Delgado, founder of Adopt-A-GI and Marketing Specialist had this to say, “Just more dumbing down of our society…whatever happened to standards?”

Article also says, “Students from families with different levels of parental education enter college with different learning levels but learn at about the same rates while in college…Black students improve their assessment scores at lower levels than whites..” How can we improve this situation???” Continue reading