Paul Revere Post Brings American Legion Baseball Back to Chicago!!!

“Paul Revere Post 623 Sr. Vice Commander, Carl Kmiec Jr., spends some time in the dugout with the Paul Revere Indians’ first home game at Veterans Memorial Park, Maywood, IL

On June 11, 2012, American Legion Baseball officially returned to the 5th District.  Facing the Morton Grove Mustangs in their inaugural game, the Paul Revere Indians took to the third base line and – repeating after 1st Division Baseball Chairman, Comrade Don Torgersen – the young men representing Lane Tech, Provisio East and Elmwood Park High Schools recited the American Legion Code of Sportsmanship.  Since then the Indians recorded their first win on June 23rd.  With 9 games under their belt the team is ready to move into the second half of the season as they head towards the Cook County Tournament 24-28 July.

The 5th District was moments away from fielding a 2nd team this season, but the Maywood project could just not muster the support it needed to make it happen – this year.  But with the full support of the active Posts in that area, I am sure that next year the 5th District will be putting at least two teams on the field.  If we can double every year for the next two years we can all look forward to holding our own 5th District Tournament in 2014.

High Schools all through the area are growing in their interest in partnering with the American Legion to form a fundamentally strong program.  Many thanks goes out to the Lane Tech and Proviso East Baseball Programs for their full support of this effort.  With their support in time and kind, the Paul Revere Indians have been able to control costs enabling Legion Baseball to hit the ball out of the park in its first year.  If you and your Post are interested in learning more about how you can take the first steps to starting your own team, partnering with another Post to start a team, or contributing to the success of the teams that the 5th District has going now and in the near future, contact me at (773) 398-3802 or via email at

Finally, support the Paul Revere Indians by coming out to see the team play.  Take a look at the schedule at:  Just stick your head in the Indians dugout, ask for Coach (Comrade) Knudtson, and spend a minute or two with the young men who represent the 5th District American Legion Baseball Program!


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