Employer Partnership of the Armed Forces: List of Jobs & Fairs!

This message is provided in cooperation with Employer Partnership of the Armed Forces.  If you have not created your account on the Employer Partnership website, please do so. The jobs included in this announcement are part of the employer partnership website; at www.employerpartnership.org and submit all job applications through that website.  therefore, please use that site exclusively to search for and apply for jobs.  Please let your assigned PSM know when you are hired.


 Ken Marks is with Employer Partnership of the Armed Forces and they have a number of Employer Partners that have a variety of jobs that they are looking to fill.  Please see the attached LIST OF JOBS and let Ken know if you have an interest in any of these positions.  If you do not have an interest, please share this list with someone that may.  If you’re looking for something that is not on the list, please let Ken know and he will try and assist you.  If you have already found gainful employment, please share your success story with us!  Also enclosed is a LIST OF VIRTUAL JOB FAIRS that will be held the next few months!  Please remember to register before the deadline.  If you have not completed your profile or downloaded your resume’ onto the website, please do so.  Our Employer Partners cannot find you if you don’t give them something to search by.  If you need additional assistance, please either e-mail or call Ken Marks at 910-574-5286. 

Thank You for Your Service to our Country and Have a Great Day! 

For assistance please contact:




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