Inspired to Serve

With recent articles in the media about students not learning and not being prepared for college we have to address this huge concern.  In a recent blog post, I discussed; Does Economic Status Matter When Raising Children?

A Headline article on Yahoo January 19, 2011, shared, “Student tracking finds limited learning in college.” I turned to Facebook to open a dialogue about this frightening article. I asked, “How do you feel about this article?” Article shares, “2300 undergrad students found 45% of students show no significant improvement in key measures of critical thinking, complex reasoning and writing by end of sophomore years.”

Michaelene Delgado, founder of Adopt-A-GI and Marketing Specialist had this to say, “Just more dumbing down of our society…whatever happened to standards?”

Article also says, “Students from families with different levels of parental education enter college with different learning levels but learn at about the same rates while in college…Black students improve their assessment scores at lower levels than whites..” How can we improve this situation???”

Joe Dell’Auqilla “The Web Guy” and Paul Revere’s Sons of American Legion Squadron Leader shares, “Students in college should already know how to learn, they should know how to study and they should know how to turn in outstanding work. The problem lies initially with the family. A supportive family that encourages learning and emphasizes communication will produce better students. I don’t think schools teach kids how to learn.”

I agree with both of you. It is a travesty to the future of our country that this is allowed. As I am in the classroom with adult learners some get upset when I challenge them to use their critical thinking skills to learn the material and hold them accountable to self directed learning. I shared this article with them today and they acted surprise by this information. This did however, lead to an open discussion of what is required to learn and develop skills that are needed in the workplace.

January 2, 2011, NPR ran a story titled, “Military Recruiting: Are We Passing the Test? The story opens, “Nearly one of every four high school graduates can’t pass the basic military entrance exam, a new report shows.” The story continues and highlights, “Not Academically Ready To Serve,”  The Trust’s vice president, Amy Wilkins, tells NPR’s Jacki Lyden that those results have big implications for society as a whole. “The workforce of the Army so closely mirrors the civilian workforce,” she says, “that if kids aren’t ready for jobs in the Army, they also aren’t ready for jobs in the civilian workforce.”

This also affects our unemployment rate as a country, as students go to college unprepared to learn while building up huge loan debt.   “How are we able to enhance and focus families and the educational system to prepare for the workforce?”

How can we build a bridge to support your mission?

The American Legion can help.  There are programs available for families to plug into to serve our youth and future to prepare them for tomorrow.  The Pillars of The American Legion consists of; Americanism, Children and Youth, National Security & Foreign Relations, Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation along with Community Service.

Want to get involved?  Find for your local American Legion Post.  Plug in to the resources and learn how to serve and volunteer your time for our future.  If you are a person that served in the military, please join the ranks of this organization as a member.  This membership gives us a voice at Congress with close to 3 million members strong trying to make a difference to protect our future and national security.  You are able to join our post,The  Paul Revere American Legion Post 623, and help us serve the Chicagoland area.  We are a cyber post which enables us to serve around the country as well.  We are able to conduct training and development through new technology by sharing resources and opportunities to volunteer in order to help strengthen your community.  This is a huge problem that we need to address.  If you care about your children’s future and society, please learn how to get involved and serve for the betterment of our youth.

Byron Watson is an educator, entrepuneur, and investor currently works as an Adjunct Medical Assistant Instructor, who looks for ways to, “Add positive value to the lives of others, individually, families, and organizations by coaching and training development.”  He is also Sr. Vice Commander of the Paul Revere American Legion Post 623 in Chicagoland. You can email him at and please subscribe to his blog at and receive updates of his journey of, “Adding Positive Value to the Lives of Others.”


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